InnoLamp Story

Step into a world where light transforms into art at Innolamp. Our night lights are born from a passion for infusing spaces with the gentle glow that sparks comfort and imagination. Each piece is a blend of craftsmanship and innovation, creating havens of tranquility in children's rooms, cozy corners, and beyond.

---Light Up Your World with Us

Our Service

We provide a variety of customized services, such as: logo customization, color customization, cartoon pattern customization etc.


We offer OEM and ODM services tailored to your needs. With OEM, we refine or create products to match your specifications. Our ODM services go beyond customization, delivering innovative designs that resonate in the market.


Explore our offerings up close with our convenient sample services. Touch, test, and envision the quality and potential of our products before making a decision. Our samples bring clarity and confidence to your choices, ensuring that you're making the right investment in your vision.


Enhance your product's appeal with our custom packaging options. We offer tailored solutions for colorful boxes that resonate with your brand. Elevate your shelf presence, make a lasting impact, and reinforce brand identity with our customizable packaging.

Production Line

Your Ultimate Partner

Embark on a journey of excellence with Innolamp with an unwavering commitment to innovation, expertise, and industry leadership, we stand as a force to be reckoned with in the world of night light.

As trailblazers, we continually push boundaries and set new standards, making us your ideal partner. Our advanced team, advanced technology and track record of delivering superior results make us the cornerstone of product innovation in the industry.